Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Introduction to Grandma Jensen's Family's Cookbook

This is a blog where one can find the recipes from the descendants of Grandma Jensen, more formally know as Clarice Remington Davenport Jensen, the wife of Luhr Jensen.  She was a dear sweet grandma, and loved by all.  I'd put a picture of Grandma on this post, but unfortunately I don't have one.  In my memory she was a very sweet plumb grandmother with white hair and wearing a flowered frock, and sometimes also a flowered apron.  She had a fabulous garden with strawberries and raspberries and corn.  If there were other things in the garden they probably paled in my mind compared to the items mentioned.  She also had lots of dolls and old perfume bottles and beautiful colored glass vases and pitchers.  She made heavenly pear butter and canned Royal Anne cherries.  As a child I really admired her cookie cutter collection, and I when I grew up I began collecting cookie cutters, and I probably have a collection bigger than hers.  This is only because the world now has more cookie cutters. She was an incredible crocheter. I was fortunate to have inherited her crochet hoods, but though I have used them extensively, it has been for use while knitting. I never could really figure out crocheting. She crocheted two doll outfits for me - little red riding hood, and little Bo Peep. I still have bother outfits, but I don't know where the dolls are.

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